2017 Gift Giving Guide

By Adrienne Theising



here is something magical about the holiday season. From gathering with family to the thrill of Christmas morning, there is truly something in the air during this time of year that brings a sense of joy and excitement from deep within, and it gets me every time. We just bought our first home and have an entire room dedicated to being the Christmas tree room! Gathering around the tree with your family is priceless and something we look forward to year after year.

Although I love some hearty retail therapy, I have a confession to make. I was a terrible gift giver. It’s taken me years to learn the art of gift giving. I am the woman who once gave a sporty cell phone armband to my husband, a man who doesn’t even run. Word of advice: just because you like it, doesn’t mean they will. Over the years, I’ve learned a little secret that took me from embarrassingly bad at gift giving, to being a gift giving head-turner. Instead of rushing around and settling for typical holiday gifts (hello, Santa socks and flannel pajama pants), I now keep a ‘gift ideas’ list on my phone so that throughout the entire year I can take notes for my receivers. Anytime I see something quirky my daughter would love, or hear a comment from my Mom about a something she saw while in town, I add the item to my list. By the time the holidays roll around, I know exactly what to get.

Although it’s handy to have a gift list for those you love, that’s easier said than done, right? I’ve put together a list of well thought out gift ideas from retailers that are located right in Northwest Georgia. I think it’s so important to shop locally. In fact, show your love and support on Small Business Saturday, November 25th.

A comfortable and elegant 14k rose and white gold lace diamond bracelet from Ford Gittings & Kane.

Delicate 14k rose gold cross pendant with diamonds from Ford Gittings & Kane.

A cozy wrap from Barefoot Dreams at Living & Giving would make any woman smile.

Support Your Home Town Stores

Broad Street in Rome is filled with delightful boutiques and specialty shops in which you can find something for everyone. I consider Ford, Gittings, & Kane Jewelers a Broad Street staple. Ford, Gittings, & Kane has a huge selection of fine jewelry in all price ranges. They always keep a wide selection of basics in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum, so make sure to visit them during the holidays and see what treasures lie in store.


A gem of a find, Living & Giving, is a charming retail boutique specializing in everything from cozy furnishings and houseplants to unique women’s apparel and fashionable jewelry. Living & Giving is now introducing the Barefoot Dreams line, which features a variety of soft and luxurious blankets, throws, and precious newborn and toddler wear. This line is high quality and would be an absolute dream to open up on Christmas morning!


I’ve received all kinds of holiday gifts in my life, from concert tickets to cameras, and I have to say one of the most meaningful gifts that I can enjoy year-round is jewelry. Rome’s Elysium, Inc. is known for their high quality, handcrafted sterling silver jewelry, and gorgeous clothing. From their bold and beautiful pieces to dainty and light looks, stepping into Elysium is always an adventure. For the fashionista in your life, check out their Graceful Floral vest. It’s light, flowy, colorful, and a downright stunning piece that could go with absolutely anything.


Meticulously handcrafted sterling silver jewelry, using natural Chinese turquoise created by gifted artisans in Mexico. All fair trade. Available at Elysium.

The well-dressed man shops for Peter Millar fashions at The Lodge Menswear.

Just a few blocks down from Broad Street, on historic East 2nd Avenue, The Lodge Menswear knows style, class, and what a man needs to be well suited. From timeless Peter Millar apparel to alligator belts, The Lodge is a very unique and attractive store. Their rugged Filson bag is an investment for the long run. Made in America in a 22oz cotton twill, it wears in, not out. Is there anything more handsome than a well-dressed man? I don’t think so.

Stroll down Main Street in Cartersville and you’ll stumble upon a gorgeous little watch, jewelry, and giftware shop appropriately named It’s About Time Boutique. Filled with everything from linen, candles, and plate ware, to jewelry and decor, It’s About Time Boutique is your one-stop gift shop. The Milkhouse Candles offer a much healthier alternative to candles and melts cleaner as they’re made of beeswax and soy.

2017 Holiday Gift Trends

Along with unique local gifts, there are some marvelous gift trends happening right now that are sure to please.

Floral prints came in with a bang this year and they have not left the building. If you’re looking for a fun and fashionable item for that lovely lady in your life, a long sleeve floral maxi dress is stunning and flattering on every shape and size. A warm maroon or deep navy print would look fantastic for the holidays. Paired with a flowy sweater and a long necklace, it would make the perfect package under the tree.


It’s About Time has a stunning collection of Southern Gates jewelry. They’ll even wrap it up for you!

Who doesn’t love accessories? They are the perfect stocking stuffer. I am kind of obsessed with the new ponytail beanies, which are basically knit toboggans with an opening at the top so your ponytail can pop out. It’s an ingenious way to stay warm but still feel girly. They are all over etsy.com in every style, shape, color, and design imaginable.

There is something timeless and classic about the look of wood. Something you’re going to see everywhere this holiday season is the use of wood in everyday designs. Look for wooden phone cases, wooden tablet holders, and even wooden fidget spinners. One practical gift idea that I love is a customized wooden docking station, kind of like a small desk organizer, with a place to charge your phone, throw your keys, hold your watch, and stash your wallet. I love the idea of his & hers docking station as a perfect gift for newlyweds or couples.

There are so many wonderful people in life you want to make feel special and the holidays are the perfect time of year to take an opportunity to give. No matter what you decide to buy this Christmas season, keep in mind, it’s not how much you give, it’s how much love and thought you put into it. We rise by lifting others, and I believe that’s the reason we give each holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Adrienne Thiesing is a writer, mother, and dream chaser. She left Rome, GA and moved to the California coast to chase her Hollywood dreams, then settled down in Seattle to raise a family of her own. She enjoys dry humor, joy rides, and traveling the world.

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