Craft-tastic Christmas Table Decor

By Jen Almand



ou just got selected to host Christmas dinner at your house. You drew the short straw and have 20 people coming over for dinner on December 25th. Don’t panic, the DIY Diva is here to soothe all your pre-event jitters. After all, that’s what I do. I’m the Fairy Godmother of party décor, but I can’t just wave my fictitious wand around. You will have to put a little time in to make this feast fabulous. A breath-taking table is probably the easiest of projects, and is simple to accomplish. No worries here, just whip out the scissors, spray paint, laser jet printer, and let’s make this fabulous!

Burlap Placemats:

In keeping with naturals that are close to my heart, I suggest making easy-peasy burlap placemats.  Purchase a few yards of burlap at your local craft store, and determine how large you want each place mat to be.

  1. Cut rectangles out of your burlap fabric, about three inches larger than the actual size of your mats.
  2. Pull strands of burlap out from the edges of the cut pieces. This is an easy process, since burlap is a loose-weave fabric. Pull strands out until you have a ‘fringe’ around your entire rectangle that is approximately 1.5 inches long.
  3. Take six loose strands of fringe and make a knot. You will need to repeat this knotting procedure around the entire rectangle of fabric. How easy was that?!

Miniature Wreath Nametags:

These nametags are relatively simple and smell great.

  1. Purchase cloth napkins for each place setting that fit your color scheme.
  2. Take a sprig of Rosemary that is long enough to form into a ‘miniature wreath’. Rosemary is easier to work with than actual evergreen sprigs, since it is a lot more flexible, yet resembles evergreen. Tie the mini-wreath with some natural twine.
  3. Place some miniature ornamental balls or bells in the center of the twine bow.
  4. The paper nametags are super-easy, just type all the names onto a list and print them onto cardstock, triple spaced, so you can easily cut them into strips. Punch a hole on the left end of each paper name tag, and tie that into the twine bow as well. Leave enough twine for a tail to tie all the way around the napkin and secure on the back side.

Mercury Glass Candle Holders:

This is probably my favorite part of the entire table-scape: the lighting. You never want to have decorations in the center that obscure the view for the people at the table and inhibit them from having a conversation. I opted for home-made Ball jar votive holders, sprayed with Krylon Mirror-Glass spray paint. This project is fun and easy.

  1. Clean the glass jars with a solution of ½ vinegar and ½ water.
  2. Lightly spray the clean jars with the vinegar solution, but don’t wipe! Next, spray the Mirror Glass spray paint onto the droplet-covered jars in short, small bursts. The spray paint will not adhere to the glass wherever the vinegar solution droplets are.
  3. This spray paint dries fast, so cover the entire jar with paint, and then dab at the water droplets with a clean paper towel. This will create a spotting effect that mimics Mercury glass.
  4. Let the glass jar dry completely overnight and then add a votive candle inside the glass. This creates gorgeous, dim lighting for the table that is safe because the flame is inside the jar.
  5. Tie a piece of twine around the top of the jar for additional flair.
  6. Surround your new votive jars with fragrant evergreens, and the table is complete.

Jennifer Almand is owner of Almand Specialty Painting & Design. She and her husband Rick live with four dogs in
scenic Kingston, GA. Jennifer is a decorative painter, specializing in kitchen cabinets, painted furniture, murals, and faux finishes. She also does decorative tile work, organization, and consults on colors, fabrics, finishes, and fixtures. (706) 346-1590.

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